I found grace in a baby's meal (day 1)

So, I have decided to take the next bit of time to look for God's sweet grace in the small things in my life. Being that this is only day one of my search, I felt the pressure to come up with a killer example of God's grace. As always, I over searched until I almost gave up. At that moment, my wife called me down to our kitchen table to feed our daughter her first real food. Noelle has been breast fed since she was born and this momentous meal would mark her first step into semi-solid foods. As I held the video camera, my wife put the first slimy spoon full of the rice cereal to her mouth. Clearly she loved the taste but was to overwhelmed to actually swallow. Over and over again, Ellie filled her mouth with what Katie gave her but more ended up on here chin and bib then in her little belly. She simply was overwhelmed with the taste of this new type of food. Interestingly, Noelle was so overwhelmed by the taste that she was missing out on the true value of the food. She experienced the taste and spit out the nourishment. I was brought to my knees at the moment. I realized that we serve and are in relationship with a God who not only allows us to taste His sweet glory, but gives us much more than a temporay pleasure. He gives us the nourishment to carry us through both storms and sunny days!