The 8th Day (a post for coffee snobs) by John Rock

The 8th Day

I often joke and tell people that "a little known fact is that on the 8th day God roasted coffee - and it was very very good."

Coffee roasting is, for me, an art form rather than a science, as each coffee crop possesses its own unique flavoring due to weather conditions as well as elements of the environment. Not only does each type of bean have its own unique attributes for flavoring, these attributes are then cultivated by way of a particular roasting style (e.g. Cinnamon, City, Full-City, Espresso, and French roast). Roasting coffee by timers, bells, and whistles replaces the fantastic art with a mundane science and thus replaces good-experience with mundane-methodology. (Huh, sounds like Faith v. Relationship doesn’t it?)

I admit that I am a coffee snob, and for that I do not apologize. I learned to love coffee in the Army even though it was always bad and never meaningful, and even to this day I would much rather drink a cup of 6-hour-old Speedway coffee than a plastic bottle of soda. And so it is that my heart's desire is to experience coffee rather than just consume it day after dreary day.

I am on a quest to experience God through the goodness of His word-spoken creation – particularly coffee. I created a business to this effect, and my goal is not simply to seek out other coffee snobs but to actually create other coffee snobs. There is coffee and there is God, and both can be experienced at the same time. Do you want to see for yourself? Call on me and I can help.